Friday, July 6, 2012

It's HOT!!! Too HOT!!!

Now if you live anywhere in the USA you know that we're in the middle of a major heat wave. It's too HOT to have my hair out. So for the girl like me that loves to do wash n go's the only other option is to throw my hair up in a messy style.
In this picture I didn't put much thought into how I was going to put it up. I just grabbed it from the bottom and twisted it up and secured it with a clip and I was done.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Question of the Day

Q: hey there! I have a question. My hair his currently done in kinky twists. The relative who did my hair told me that I should go ahead and big chop (I was already planning to at the end of the summer) but also told me that she is natural (she had on a weave at the time) and she has a texturizer and that I should get one after I cut my hair. What exactly do texturizers do? I've heard that they are not that different from relaxers. And how do I stay confident with my hair after my big chop?

A: “Texturisers, relaxers and perms are all different in the effect they provide for your hair. Relaxers are used to take wave or curl out of hair. Texturisers work basically the same way, with stylists often referring to texturisers as weak relaxers. They won’t take out as much curl or wave because they use a smaller concentration of active ingredients or aren’t left on as long.” 

Needless to say if you decide to get a texturiser you are not natural. It is a chemical. 

Confidence is something you have to feel inside. So when you big chop hold your head up high, know and feel that you are beautiful with or without hair. Try wearing earrings and a bit of makeup if you’re feeling a little less fem without your hair. 
When I big chopped I looked like a little boy, but no one could tell me nothing when I throw on some earrings and make up…
Much Luck!!

Naturally Feature: Peetra

1.Tell me about yourself!
My name is Peetra. I'm 18 years old, a graduate of this year, 2012. I enjoy blogging on tumblr, twitter and faceboook. I particularly like blogging about natural hair and its unique beauty in every black woman. We just stand out in society. I love music, taking pictures,  babies, dressing up, fashion, Teen Wolf, PLL (Pretty Little Liars), Degrassi, I'm a positive person and an aspiring Psychologist, a counselor for teens or children preferably. 

2.When did you go natural and why?
I went natural July 16th, 2011 because I ALWAYS wanted to be natural, all my friends in primary school had soft, beautiful coiled tresses and I was permed, I never wanted my hair permed, but you know, mom wasn't for it. 

3.What was the hardest obsticle you faced when going natural?
Styling! Oh man, I watched soooo many videos on youtube and I told myself I was going to try this style and that style once I went natural, but man! It wasn't that easy, I didn't know what to do with my twa for a while, but then as it grew, it got easier. It just got easier this year actually haha! :) 


4.How do you think our society views natural hair?
I think majority of society views natural hair as beautiful, exciting, awesome and all that jazz, ONLY if its "pretty curls" and not thick hair. Those people who view natural hair like that haven't been exposed to the truth about natural hair! "Pretty Curls" are a struggle too! Natural Hair is a struggle, but that's what makes it so beautiful! That the women who are natural can handle it and work their hair! :)

5.How do you feel about hair typing? and do you type your hair?
I think its ok, I used to type my hair, but now I just say its kinky.

6.Are you a product junkie? 
Oooh, haha, I was until my mom started making noise, I'm trying my hardest and my best not to go out to the BSS each time I leave the house and buy all the things I've ever seen natural hair related! 

7.What are some of your favorite products?
Shea Moisture for sure! Her shampoo and curl enhancing smoothie is pure gospel! I live in the Bahamas and over here we don't have all the lines of natural hair products I want or even hear about. I have to stock up when I go away to the U.S.

8.What's the worst product you've ever used?
Beautiful Textures. They claim its intense moisture, but its not, 3 of my friends and I bought it at the same time on our class trip and it was a total fail for all of us and one of my friends was a guy, so yeah, that was bad. 

9.How do you perfer to wear your hair?
I prefer to wear my hair stretched, but in a braid out or twist out. 

10.Tell me your Tumblr and anywhere else we can find you.
You can find me at:, SteelHearts17 on youtube!